Healthy Weight Trick

The Australian series of The Biggest Loser has just started, and as usual, it inspires me to kick my weight loss plans into action (even if only temporarily lol). This time round, though, I am pregnant, so no diets for me. However, for this entire pregnancy, I have been very careful about not gaining too much weight, for three reasons. Firstly, I have a family history of diabetes and secondly, I was overweight to start withso my OB-GYN recommended that I keep my weight gain to around 10kgs (22lbs) to avoid gestational diabetes (which my mother had carrying me); thirdly, I didn't lose the baby weight last time, so I didn't want to gain too much weight this time around. So far. i have done really well, and at 34 weeks, I have gained about 7kgs, so I am on track.

One of the ways I have achieved this is by cutting out soda (almost) completely. I hate drinking plain water (and we even have a great water filter built into our sink!) so initially I found this really hard. But after going to a cafe where they always have water flavoured with various natural ingredients such as lemon and orange slices, I started doing that, too. So now my fridge always has two jugs of water ready to go with flavour. Citrus is the obvious choice (lemon, limes and oranges by themselves or mixed), but green apple slices and cucumber slices are also divine, especially in the heat that we have been experiencing here in Perth.

I would love to hear some more weight loss tricks, or some more flavouring ideas!