Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Here are my outfits for the past three days:


Today I went to Weight Watchers (1/2 lb gain, boo hoo!), did some grocery shopping, and then spent the afternoon playing with Stephen until he went down for his nap, as he still wasn't feeling too well.

Ann Taylor grey wool knit pants
Ann Taylor dark chocolate cashmere scoop neck tank
Ann Taylor dark chocolate cashmere cocoon sleeved shrug cardigan
Ann Taylor chocolate suede platform heels
Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma handbag
grey faux pearl necklace
Tiffany bracelets


I spent today at home cleaning and supervising the cabinet maker and electrician as they fixed some things in my kitchen. Today was one of the very few days since having Stephen that I didn't manage to have a shower until late afternoon, as the electrician turned up early, at 7am instead of 7.30. Since when do contractors turn up early?!!

Eddie Bauer black tracksuit pants
Eddie Bauer black velour hoodie
Old Navy charcoal v neck tee
Pearl stud earrings


Today I took Irini and Stephen to the chiropractor. I was also meant to see my OB, except he had to go deliver a baby (how inconsiderate, I say lol), so we spent the afternoon with mum and dad.

Ann Taylor grey wool knit pants
Basque dark lime green v neck tank
Pure Collection ruffled trim celadon cashmere cardigan
Naturalizer black small wedge heel maryjanes
Pearl stud earrings
Celadon plastic bangle, dark lime green pearlised wooden bangle

Great shoes for everyday running around

One of my readers recently asked me to recommend some shoes for running errands, going to the playground, etc. While I do predominately wear heeled shoes, these are not always practical. Having said that, there are so many stylish options out there that wearing athletic sneakers does not have to be the solution. One of my favourite brands for stylish sneaker style shoes is Ecco. These shoes are well made, sturdy, but still have some great design elements that lift them up above the run of the mill sneaker.

An example is this one, the Supreme Three Strap, which is still somewhat feminine even though it is still extremely practical. With its durable polyurethane sole it will hold up well to all the rigours of a playground but will still look great if you duck into the local coffee shop for a cup of joe. The small wedge heel adds some height and will elongate the leg. Paired with some slim fitting cords or jeans and you are all set for a day of fun. These also come in a black and grey combo, which looks fantastic as well, especially if black is one of your base colours.

This pair, the Spirit Multi Strap, is also a great choice as the dark silver is a great nod to this season's trend of metallics. The four straps add a real funky vibe, and together with the metallic leather, will dress up a more casual outfit. I would love these with slim fitting dark rinse jeans, a tee and a charcoal wool or cashmere hoodie.

For times when a skirt is still a practical option (like running errands, going to the shopping mall etc) but you know you are going to be on your feet all day, I love these Bouillon Mary Janes. I love the black patent, but these come in a range of colours that would go with almost anything in your wardrobe. These would look great in summer with a knee length denim skirt, bare legs and a black and white patterned top; in winter, black opaque tights and a black turtleneck paired with the same skirt make for a stylish yet practical outfit.
As you can see, there are some great options out there for mummies who still want to look chic and stylish without sacrificing comfort and practicality.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

This weekend

Stephen is still unwell, which has made him really clingy, so I haven't really got up to much this weekend. It did mean that we had to give the Easter church services a miss (it is Orthodox Easter this weekend) as we didn't want to take him out into the cold on Friday or Saturday night.


Gap Dark Rinse Trouser Jeans
Table Eight navy blue peasant sleeved jersey top with deep sweetheart neckline and beading at shoulder line
Tiffany silver bracelets
Kenneth Cole Reaction navy, blue and black patent heels
Oroton black handbag


Boden medium rinse wide leg jeans
Country Road charcoal and light grey striped puff sleeved scoop neck wool knit
Country Road charcoal wool knit cardigan (matches the top)
Ann Taylor grey suede heels
Oroton black handbag

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My diaper bag

Anonymous left a comment in reply to my post pregnancy wardrobe post regarding what baby bag I am using. I have two, both of which are designed as baby bags, but don't look like baby bags, and can be used as a tote or laptop bag once diapering is all over. The first bag is by Oroton, which is an Australian brand. This bag is made of heavy duty canvas, with plenty of pockets inside, as well as an included changemat. The second bag is by Storksak. This bag is also made of canvas, but this canvas is Teflon coated. The bag also comes with an insulated bottle holder, changemat, and pop in and pop out compartments, which makes this bag very versatile. Storksak also does a range of nylon and leather bags that look great.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sneaking in some exercise

If you are like me, then finding some time to exercise can be a real problem. Taking an hour to go the gym 3-4 times a week is just not an option for me or many other mummies with young toddlers and babies. While I am very lucky to have my MIL babysit my toddler two mornings a week, I use this time to clean my house, and I can’t really justify asking her to babysit a toddler and baby while I go off and exercise. However, exercise is so important – apart from the obvious cardiovascular health benefits, exercise will also help you to lose that baby weight, and is a great stress reliever. I also find that surprisingly, I have more energy when I manage to squeeze in some exercise.

A great idea for sneaking in some exercise (well, some is better than none!!) is to dance with your kids. Every morning, before I jump in the shower, I turn on the radio, and have a dance session in the bathroom with my 17 month old. After we have a had a good ten minute dance, I leave the radio on, Stephen keeps dancing, and I can grab 5 minutes to have my shower while he is entertaining himself bopping away on the other side of the shower screen.

Use your baby’s nap time to go for a walk. When Irini falls asleep, this can be a great opportunity to pop her and her brother into the pram to go for a gentle walk. She falls straight asleep, lulled by the rocking of her section of the pram, while Stephen loves watching the world around him, especially keeping an eye out for buses and large vans (his obsession at the moment!). Even better is when I have enough time to stop at the park – pushing Stephen on the swings is a great workout for my arms.

Find some great workout videos – I will be starting to use these over the next few weeks as winter weather kicks in and it is too cold to take Irini outside for a walk. There are some great post-natal videos that take less than half an hour, so these can be done while your baby is asleep or in her rocker. I will try and let Stephen dance around with me while I am doing them, otherwise I will pop him in his play yard where he can watch me.

Two days at home

The last two days I have spent at home looking after the kids and getting mountains of laundry and housework done. So, my outfits have been remarkably unglamourous!


Eddie Bauer black track pants
Eddie Bauer black velour with contrast print hoodie
Gap black v neck tee


Isabella Oliver grey lounge pants
Eddie Bauer black velour with contrast print hoodie
Isabella Oliver Black ruched scoop neck tee

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Four days worth of outfits

The last few days have been absolutely crazy with Stephen having another cold, which was announced by him vomiting all over himself and our bed first thing in the morning on Monday, so I have been remiss in posting my outfits, so here they are.

Sunday - first thing in the morning was church, as it was Irini's "40 days", which in the Greek Orthodox religion is where she is welcomed into the church. I wore:

Ann Taylor dove grey and charcoal plaid, knee length wool pencil skirt
Ann Taylor dove grey lurex cashmere wrap effect sweater - three quarter sleeves
Nude hosiery
Grey Ann Taylor suede heels
Black Oroton handbag
Large pearl pendant on white gold necklet
Tiffany bracelet and necklace as bracelet


Bare escentuals mineral foundation, concealer and blush
Lancome lilac and plum eyeshadow
Almay amethyst liner
Clinique Shy Violet sheer lipstick

Once i got home, i changed into:

Eddie Bauer charcoal slim fitting track pants
Eddie Bauer black velour hooded sweat top with a charcoal and black print trim and lining to hood
J Crew tee


same Eddie Bauer outfit as Sunday


Gap wide leg trouser jeans
J Crew navy tee
Ann Taylor medium grey chunky knit sweater
Tiffany silver earrings
Naturalizer black wedge mary janes
Oroton black handbag


Ann Taylor charcoal wool knit wide leg pants
J Crew chocolate tee
Lands End camel v-neck cardigan sweater
Chunky triple strand of silver beads
Tiffany bracelet and necklace as bracelet
Grey suede heels
Tan Lambertson Truex handbag

Post Pregnancy Wardobe

In the last few weeks, a couple of message boards that I am on have been talking about post pregnancy wardrobes, and how to be chic despite a newborn. Like many new mummies, I didn't want to have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe when I was planning to lose a substantial amount of weight but I still wasn't able to fit into many of my pre-pregnancy clothes.

Many mummies continue to wear their maternity clothes for quite a while. Personally, I think if you can afford to buy a few "tide-over" pieces, and manage the clothes you already have well, then you will be much chicer, much quicker. The problem with continuing to wear maternity clothes when you are not in the maternal way is that they are designed for a big fat tummy, which you no longer have. However, because they are designed for a pregnant belly, they make you look like you ARE still carrying a five month old fetus!

Instead, I recommend shopping your existing pre-pregnancy wardrobe, and then purchasing a few items and a fair number of great accessories to fill in the gaps temporarily. I would not spend a lot of money on these temporary items, as they are bound to be too big for you in the near future, but do focus on fit and colour.

Shopping your existing wardrobe:

Look at your tops - many tops and sweaters with some stretch in them will probably fit you even if you have gained some pounds. Wrap tops in particular are very forgiving.

Can you wear your pre-maternity pants or skirts? If they are only a little bit too small, I highly recommend using the belly bands and extenders that many maternity shops sell.

See what accessories you have - accessories are crucial to extending and adding interest to a limited wardrobe. Keep a keen eye out for items that you may have that can be adapted to this seasons trends. An example is a handful of chunky wooden bangles - added to neutral pants (like white linen pants or some chinos) and a white tank, you will have achieved some measure of this season's safari theme and a great outfit for a daytime outing. Add it to dark rinse jeans, chunky heels and a slinky chocolate tank, and it's more of an urban global traveller look. Similarly, take white jeans and a slim white tee. Add in red and blue bangles, a jaunty neckscarf and skimmers and you have a great nautical outfit. The same jeans and tee, paired with coral jewellery, dark sunglasses and beaded metallic sandals, gives off an Isle of Capri luxe vacation kind of vibe.

Once you have shopped your wardrobe and determined what you already have, you can then make a list of the few pieces you need to purchase to really make your wardrobe work. My key essentials:

1-2 well fitting dark rinse jeans - get two pairs, if possible, that fit fantastically right now as it's not really possible to wear jeans that are too small and still look good. I wouldn't spend to much on these, and I would update them as I lose the weight, as jeans that are too large are a bad look as well.

Some great fitting tees in a range of colours - get a slim fit, with a neckline that suits your body shape - v-necks are universally flattering, crew necks suit only those who are slim with small busts. Buy a few in polished fabric - ie avoid cotton rib as this can only look casual. A smoother knit can be dressed up with a nice jacket and skirt, or dressed down with lounge pants.

Bras - get refitted for bras as you lose weight, and when you stop nursing. Most of us wear the wrong sized bra, and this will really affect your appearance. A well fitting bra can make you look up to a size slimmer.

Extra accessories that are current - bangles, bracelets, necklaces are great. If you only have a newborn, and no older babies or toddlers, earrings are great, too. Once your baby is older, you are risking your earlobes if you wear dangly earrings!!

A chic diaper bag - please, please, please avoid the cutesy baby bags. There are so many chic bags out there at a range of price points that there is really no excuse for a bag emblazoned with fuzzy ducks!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Weigh in and today's outfit

Well, today's weigh in was not as successful as last weeks, with me losing only 200g (1/2 lb). This was not unexpected (in fact, i thought i was going to put on weight), because the last week has been absolutely shocking, with me resorting to old habits of comfort eating. But, as they say, it is time to get back on the wagon, and after watching tonight's episode of the Biggest Loser, i was really inspired. So, this week is going to be much better.

Today's outfit was really designed for comfort because i was feeling "blah" but i really believe that wearing blah clothes (especially when going out of the house) will only make me feel worse, so i have some fall back comfy but nice clothes in my wardrobe.


Black Isabella Oliver Stretchy Knit pants
Gap white three quarter sleeve v neck tee
Dark purple Taking Shape sleeveless tunic length vest (this is a really funky vest made of interesting pieces that button in all different directions)
Black flat mary jane shoes
Black Oroton leather handbag


Nars concealer
Revlon Cream blush
Bourjois black mascara
Almay amethyst eyeliner
Clinique Sweet Violet lipstick

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A few days away

I haven't posted for a few days, so here are my outfits:


Lands End navy and white leaf print skirt - slightly fuller than a normal a-line
Gap black tee shirt (i thought it was navy when i grabbed it this morning in mys sleep-deprived fuzz!!)
Ann Taylor black peep toe snakeskin heels
Pearl drop earrings
chunky gold ring
Oroton black leather handbag


Lancome Sensuel black mascara
Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover colour in plum poppy
Clinique lipstick in Baby Baby
Bare Escentuals mineral veil powder

Yesterday's outfit:

Gap Long and Lean Dark Rinse Jeans
Stone coloured puff sleeve knee length nursing dress
ethnic style wood bead necklace
chunky wood bangle
chocolate leather flip flops

Makeup same as todays'

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Recipe: Light Melon Jellies

This recipe is great when you want a sweet and creamy treat, without too many calories.

1 packet Mixed Melon Light Jelly (mango would be great too, I think)
200ml boiling water
1 cup lite coconut milk
½ honey dew melon
Toasted coconut to serve

1. Combine jelly crystals with boiling water and whisk until dissolved. Allow to cool to an egg white consistency. Gradually add in coconut milk and keep whisking until combined.
2. Pour into 4 glasses and allow to set.
3. Scoop melon into balls (or chop into small dice). When jelly is set, top with melon balls.
4. Sprinkle with toasted coconut and serve.

130 calories per serve

Off to the soccer

Today was a lovely and warm autumn day, which unfortunately turned into an unexpectedly cold night. DH and I had decided earlier in the day that we were going to take a drive down to Mandurah to watch DH's local soccer team play. We thought it would be a great outing for the kids so we packed everything up, and drove for an hour to get to the game. Because the day was so lovely, I just packed a tracksuit jacket for Stephen, and a light blanket and wool hat for Irini. However, once the sun set, it was freezing cold. Even though the game looked like it was going to be great, we had to leave before half time because it was just too cold for the kids in the clothes that we had. Before we left, though, Stephen had a great time kicking (or, rather, trying to kick!) the soccer ball around. It was so cute to watch him toddel around after the soccer ball. I can tell that he is going to love playing sports when he is older.

My outfit today:

Gap Long and Lean Dark Rinse wide leg jeans
J Crew heather grey tee
David Lawrence navy blue with fine grey stripe wool hoodie
Ecco bone and black trainers
Pearl drop earrings
Silver and gemstone chunky necklace in shades of turquoise, brown, blues and greys


Nars concealer in praline
Stila cream blush (convertible colour) in lilium (corally pink)
Bourjois black mascara
Stila lip glaze in Guava (a corally pink)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bumming around at home

Well, nothing much to report today. I wanted to keep a close eye on Irini and Stephen and I have come down with a cold (including Stephen coughing all night last night, and doing a HUGE vomit all over our bed at 1am!), I decided to stay at home today. I think having some nice comfy clothes just for this purpose is really important. While it is tempting to stay in your pajamas when you are feeling sick, having some go-to clothes that are comfortable but still somewhat stylish means that if you have to dash out to the chemist, or answer the door, you still look respectable. I have a few pairs of nicely fitted lounge and tracksuit pants, as well as a number of tees that are no longer good enough for everyday wear so they have been retired to my lounge wear. I store these clothes in a couple of boxes at the bottom of my wardrobe. Do they measure up to my usual wardrobe choices? No, but there are just some days where I just don't feel like donning a pair of tailored pants and a cashmere sweater!!

Today's outfit:

Isabella Oliver black lounge pants
J Crew black perfect fit v neck tee shirt

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My weigh in

I forgot to post my weigh-in in my last post. I lost 2.5kgs (5.5lbs)! Yeah!!

What a day!!

Well, no post yesterday despite the best of intentions, so I'll post today's and yesterday's outfits together. Yesterday started off badly from the morning. I slept in - miraculously, neither kids woke up early - which would usually be cause for celebration, but I had so much to do yesterday! Anyway, I rushed to get ready, and off to my fill-in weight watchers meeting since I missed my regular one on Monday. We packed everyone into the car, along with a day's worth of nappies, bottles, sippy cups and everything else a toddler and newborn needs and raced off, only to find that despite the WW website saying there was a Wed morning meeting, there wasn't. So, I carried on with the rest of my errands until I went to change Irini's nappy, and saw that her stomach had bloated to enormous proportions. It was so big, it looked like it was going to pop like a balloon any second. We quickly dropped Stephen off with my MIL, and then hurried off to the children's hospital. The doc's didn't know what caused it, but were suitably impressed by the size of her tummy, even taking some photos. They kept us there for 6 hours just to keep an eye on her, before sending us home, to come back today for a follow up visit.

This may sound shallow and superficial, but in all of the chaos and worry, I was so glad that even though I was rushing in the morning, I had taken enough time to get dressed nicely, and put some makeup on. I really felt that it made a difference - I felt more in control of the situation and more confident in getting my concerns across the nurses and doctors.

Anyway, we went back for the follow up visit today (a 3 hour wait this time) and they are very sure that there is nothing sinister going on, so they sent us home with nothing more than instructions to keep an eye on her. I then came home and took advantage of the fact that mum and dad were sticking around for a while to grab a much needed nap!

Yesterday's outfit:

Ann Taylor grey wool knit pants
Ann Taylor navy blue silk/linen shell and matching cardigan
Talbot's tan ballet flats
Lambertson Truex tan leather handbag
pearl drop earrings


concealer and powder as usual
Besame navy blue eyeliner
Bourjois eyeliner
Clinique Fresh Bloom all-over colour in plum poppy
Clinique Buttershine lipstick in cranberry cream

Today's outfit:

Ann Taylor grey wool knit pants
Country Road black wool knit short puff sleeved scoopneck and matching cardigan
Ann Taylor grey suede heels
Lambertson Truex tan leather handbag
pearl drop earrings


concealer and powder as usual
Dior black eyeliner
Bourjois eyeliner
Clinique Fresh Bloom all-over colour in plum poppy
Clinique Color Surge bare Brilliance lipstick in Baby Baby (a sheer pinky nude)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Market Day

I was feeling much better today, so i took the kids and mum and dad out for a quick breakfast, before going to the wonderful gourmet food market that is the Boatshed in Cottesloe. This is my one stop shop for any gourmet or organic food item i need - everything is beautifully presented and reasonably priced. Today i needed to get a few staple things that i like to have in the pantry to really kick up my food a notch. Today i got some beautiful spanish sherry vinegar, some great local australian red wine vinegar, and some south australian verjuice. For those of you wondering what verjuice is, it is made by pressing unripe grapes, and can be used in the same way that you would use vinegar or lemon juice, but with a much more subtle acidity. I also picked up some italian arborio rice for making risotto, some chorizo sausage and some green lentils (also known as french lentils or puy lentils). i love green lentils because they don't need soaking before cooking, and they cook in 20-30 minutes. together with my other store cupboard essentials such as some good liquid chicken stock, tomato puree and tinned tomatoes, dried pasta, polenta, pancetta and some fetta and parmesan, i always have on hand what i need to pull together a quick and easy dinner.

Anyway, my outfit for today:

Country Road heather grey short puff sleeve, scoop neck wool knit
Ann taylor grey glen plaid wool cuffed pants
Ann taylor grey suede heels
Lambertson Truex tan leather handbag
Pearl drop earrings

makeup and hair:

Nars concealer in Praline
Bare escentuals Translucent powder
Almay amythest eyeliner
Lancome plum and lilac eyeshadow (small sample from a git with purchase)
Clinique Fresh bloom All Over Colour in Plum Peony
Clinique Lipgloss Full Potential Plump and Shine in Sugarplump (a plum shade)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday 7th April - no weigh in today!

Well, today was my promised WW weigh-in-day, but you will all have to wait until Wednesday. I started bleeding very heavily yesterday, so after a quick phone call to my OB at 10pm, i am confined to bedrest for today, and tomorrow if the bleeding doesn't stop. So, since i spent today on the couch watching cable TV, i think i am excused for my utterly non-chic outfit:

Isabella Oliver black lounge pants
Old Navy pale blue fitted tee

no makeup, hair scraped back into messy bun!

I will update my weight when i go to WW on wednesday.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday 6th April

Today I went for a quick lunch in the city with my parents. It was warmer today, and nice and sunny, and while i love winter weather, i have to admit that a sunny day is so much easier when trying to get a baby and a toddler in and out of a car!

My outfit today:

Gap dark rinse trouser jeans - i've just realised that I've worn jeans three days in a row, so i will make a concious effort to NOT wear jeans tomorrow!
Bitter choc J Crew "perfect fit" v neck tee
Lighter choc chunky knit shrug
Pearl drop necklace
Gold bangle
Dark red patent stacked heel Tod's
Brown canvas with dark red trim hand bag

My makeup and hair:

my hair was down, loose and wavy
a touch of Nars concealer in Praline
Revlon colorstay eyeliner in dark brown
Bourjois mascara in black
Clinique Fresh Bloon All-over colour in Plum Poppy as a blush
Chanel sheer red lipstick - Positano

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday 5 April

Well, yesterday did not go to plan at all - I ended up sitting at home all day, because the electrician rang and wanted to come and finish installing our garden lights. So, i was somewhat overdressed for staying at home!!

Today, I had my dad pick me up so I could go and claim my insurance, except that when i got there, it turns out that i had brought Stephen's Gymbaroo enrolment receipt instead of the anaesthetist's bill! So it seems that my pregnancy brain is still lingering lol. So, Monday (hopefully) will be the day that this gets done.

It is pouring with rain today, and quite cold, so I got to wear a nice wintery outfit. I so love winter!! Anyway, my outfit today:

Gap dark rinse wide leg jeans
white Old Navy cami
Ivory Ann Taylor cashmere pointelle lace knit sweater
Tiffany necklace as bracelet (again)
pearl drop earrings
grey suede heels

Friday, April 4, 2008

Posting my outfits

Inspired by a number of blogs such as My Wardrobe Today, and Style for the Stay at Home Mom, I'm going to start posting my outfits daily (if possible). Hopefully some of you readers are interested in what i wear, but also, this will help me in my quest to achieve chic - there is nothing like being held accountable, is there?! I still haven't got the cable to upload pictures, but as soon as i do, i will start posting photos. For now, you'll have to make do with descriptions only :(

So, for today, I'm running around doing errands - some shopping, off to my insurer to claim back some money for the anaesthetist, bill paying etc. I wanted an outfit that was comfortable and practical for all the running around, pushing the pram etc, but still something chic and non-frumpy.

I'm wearing Gap dark rinse trouser jeans
J Crew navy "perfect fit" v neck short sleeved tee
Tiffany necklace wrapped around my wrist as a chunky bracelet
Diamond stud earrings
Hermes scarf - white background with a pattern in red, soft blues and greens
Diesel red and cream euro style trainers

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Starting Weight Watchers

Something that I think is vital in achieving chicness is being at a healthy weight. When I think of a chic woman, in general, it is not a woman carrying a large number of extra pounds. Now, I'm not saying that you need to be thin to be chic, but not being overweight or obese is, i feel, important for both aesthetic reasons and health reasons. Driving through the McDonald's drive thru to pick up a burger and fries is not what I would call the epitome of chic, and it certainly isn't doing anything for my health! I also think that our pattern of eating and living is reflected and emulated by our children, and now that Stephen is getting older, I don't want him to think that eating junk food on a regular basis is a normal (or acceptable) behaviour.

Now that I have had the baby, one of my main goals is to lose all the weight that I have put on in the last three years. As such, yesterday, I went and joined up at Weight Watchers. The reason I chose Weight Watchers was two-fold. Firstly, they have modifications in place for nursing mothers, and as I plan to breastfeed as long as possible, I don't want my milk supply to be affected, which can be a concern with any weight loss program. Secondly, a number of medical studies have shown that Weight Watchers is one of the few programs that is effective in long term weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

My starting weight was 92kg (202lbs), so my first goal will be to lose 5% of my body weight, taking me to 87.5kg (192lbs). Weight Watchers recommends that nursing mothers aim for a weight loss of about 0.5 kg (1lb) a week, so I am aiming to achieve this goal in about 10 weeks. I will post my weight each Monday to let you know how I am going, as well as giving you an update on how the program is working for me.

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