Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Starting Weight Watchers

Something that I think is vital in achieving chicness is being at a healthy weight. When I think of a chic woman, in general, it is not a woman carrying a large number of extra pounds. Now, I'm not saying that you need to be thin to be chic, but not being overweight or obese is, i feel, important for both aesthetic reasons and health reasons. Driving through the McDonald's drive thru to pick up a burger and fries is not what I would call the epitome of chic, and it certainly isn't doing anything for my health! I also think that our pattern of eating and living is reflected and emulated by our children, and now that Stephen is getting older, I don't want him to think that eating junk food on a regular basis is a normal (or acceptable) behaviour.

Now that I have had the baby, one of my main goals is to lose all the weight that I have put on in the last three years. As such, yesterday, I went and joined up at Weight Watchers. The reason I chose Weight Watchers was two-fold. Firstly, they have modifications in place for nursing mothers, and as I plan to breastfeed as long as possible, I don't want my milk supply to be affected, which can be a concern with any weight loss program. Secondly, a number of medical studies have shown that Weight Watchers is one of the few programs that is effective in long term weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

My starting weight was 92kg (202lbs), so my first goal will be to lose 5% of my body weight, taking me to 87.5kg (192lbs). Weight Watchers recommends that nursing mothers aim for a weight loss of about 0.5 kg (1lb) a week, so I am aiming to achieve this goal in about 10 weeks. I will post my weight each Monday to let you know how I am going, as well as giving you an update on how the program is working for me.


dagmag said...

Hola! I'm a new reader...but I'm loving your blog. I'm a SAHM to two boys; a 3 year old and a 7 month old. So, 7 months post-partum and I have not lost any of the baby weight. Both c-sections. Could be my age, I am 41. But I'm not letting myself off that lightly. I'm planning to join Weight Watchers on Friday. You and I are roughly the same starting weight, so I'll be motivated by your success! Best of Luck and Congratulations on the new baby!! Hope the C-Section is healing well.

Chic Mummy said...

Hi DagMag. Thanks for the good wishes. I'll be posting my weight weekly, so you can share my ups and downs!! Good luck with your WW journey.

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