Friday, June 13, 2008

Tips for healthy grocery shopping

Grocery shopping can be fraught with danger for the chic mummy who is watching her weight. Aisles full of confectionery, checkouts laden with chips, and let's not even get started on trying to figure out which packaged foods are actually healthy! Here are some tips to help make your grocery shopping healthier for you and your family.

I know this is obvious, but make a list before you go, and stick to it!

  • Don't shop on an empty stomach. I try and have a small snack before I go in.

  • Spend most of you money on fresh food items - fruit and veg, meat, fish, dairy. These items tend to be around the outside of the store.

  • Start reading the ingredient and nutrition labels on packaged goods. If there are lots of ingredients that you don't recognise or lots of numbers, it is probably not a great item for your trolley.

Choose cheese labelled "low fat" rather than "reduced fat", as reduced fat cheese may not necessarily be low in fat.

"Low fat" foods are not always healthy, as the fat is often replaced with sugar.

Choose the leanest meat - it is often labelled "heart smart"

Tinned seafood is a great source of low fat protein that is high in omega-3's. It is also very reasonably priced.

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