Top 10 tips to keep stress away

Instead of reaching for the dessert, here are ten tips to keep stress away!

  1. Say no - delegate tasks to others; you can't do it all.

  2. Focus - do one thing at a time and forget the multi tasking.

  3. Turn off - one night a week turn off the phone & the TV and close the newspapers.

  4. Breathe - the old "count to ten" can do wonders to ease your stress.

  5. Create a routine - organize your chores for the week (check out Flylady's system).

  6. Start a to-do list - and use it! Enjoy crossing off each task as you complete it.

  7. Stop worrying - especially about things you cannot change or have no control over.i

  8. Plan ahead - plan out a week's worth of menus and shop ahead. You'll save money and the last minute "what's for dinner?"

  9. Don't bottle it up - share your feelings with your partner, other family or friends.

  10. Exercise - find some time for some exercise. Even a quick, brisk walk will give you more energy and help to take away some stress.

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