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I admit it, I am a cleaning product junkie. Not a cleaning junkie, mind you, a cleaning product junkie. I am a sucker for slick marketing and pretty packaging. It's almost as if I am thinking "if it looks nice, I will be inspired to use it more often". Unfortunately, this is not always the case, but there are two brands of products that *have* inspired me. Both are eco friendly products with style oozing out of their fab packaging.

Murchison Hume

Murchison Hume is a relatively new Australian brand that is marketing itself as a Premium Organic Housecleaning Product. The range come in these fab trigger bottles inspired by old fashioned brown glass apothecary bottles as well as cheaper refill bottles. What I love about this brand is that along with the good looks comes a truly effective product. Their best value pack is to buy the set of 6 products. I have used everything except the floor cleaner, and they all work fantastically. You don't need very much of any of them and as well as the cleaning, they impart a lovely light scent to the house. My favourite scent is White Grapefruit, and it also comes in a unscented option for those who are extra sensitive. Check out the full range at


This is another green option that doesn't sacrifice style for substance. Simple but elegant packaging together with some amazing scent combinations make for some really tempting products. My favourite scent is Lavender Pine - it makes your house smell really "clean". Their wood furniture polishing cream is amazing, as is their range of cleaning tools. Make sure you sign up for their newsletter, as they often have special offers.

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