Saturday, January 3, 2009

Body + Soul Challenge 2009

My first step towards having my best year is to sign up for Body + Soul magazine's Body + Soul Challenge. I saw last year's challenge on the Martha Stewart show, and it seemed like a great idea. I had incorporated quite a few ideas that I saw on the show into my daily life, but I am really look forward to taking part in the whole challenge this time round. Over a 5 week period, the aim is to take you through a complete body and mind transformation:

Week 1: Clear the Decks

Week 2: Eat Right

Week 3: Get Fit

Week 4: Stress Less

Week 5: Get Energized

This looks like a great way to kick of my goal of making this my best year, as it covers quite a few bases. It looks at the whole body in a holistic way, rather than going for quick fixes that won't last.

If you want to sign up as well, then head over to Body + Soul Challenge 2009.

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