Friday, April 3, 2009

Product Review: Bebe Delice

Just after Irini was born, I was at a baby expo and purchased the Bebe Delice, having read some great reviews about it. This 5 in 1 system is an appliance that you can use from birth to prepare all of baby's food.

  • it cooks fresh food
  • it blends
  • it warms baby bottles and jars
  • it sterilises baby bottles
  • it defrosts frozen food

I never used it to sterilise bottles, since I had an Avent sterilizer that could take 6 bottles at once, but I used it whenever I wanted to defrost and warm up Irini's frozen expressed milk. It really came into its own, however, when she started on solids. It was so easy to make up fresh meals for her; toss in some chopped fruit, veges or meat, add water to the base and switch on. In 5 - 10 minutes, the food was cooked, and blended, ready to serve, and I had enough to last 3-4 meals. The blender was also useful when I wanted to blend up what the rest of the family was eating to serve Irini. I have found this so useful, that it is permanently on my benchtop!

This retails for about $189; however, the Parents, Baby and Children's expos are coming around Australia over the next few months, and I purchased mine there last year for $150. For more info, check out Rose and Lily.

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Kalee said...

I've been looking into these for when my husband and I get around to making babies. Great review!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Did you have any problems with the blender unit? I have one, not sure if it's a defect or a design problem - on the blender lid, where the blades are, there is a plastic sort of a border or seam. It's made the way that food gets stuck just under the seam and there is no way to get it our (I tried a brush and high pressure water). It seems to be very unhygienic and I dont' know how to fix the issue. Could you by ny chance take a picture of your blender lid and email it to me to lydia.ryabtseva at ? Thank you.
Kind regards,

Chic Mummy said...

Hi Lydia. I haven't had this problem, and I can't see a seam on mine. Maybe there is a fault with yours? Anyway, my camera is charging; as soon as it is done, I will take some pics and send them to you so you can compare. I'm interested to see the result.

Ena Pang said...

Hi Sarah,

I just bought a bebedelice recently, actually just about 2 or 3 weeks ago, the Blender Unit has already over worked itself.

I found your blog through google and I'm a stay home mum too to a 6 months old son. I will come back and check on your blog regularly :) keep up with the good work


Anonymous said...

I havent used this product yet as bub not due for few weeks so still in box but had heard good things and yesterday in target saw they had been reduced (permanant price as end of range model according to staff there) to $112 and at the moment is sale on nursery products so got for $95. Well worth the trip to shops for half price!!

Chic Mummy said...

To Anonymous who had the problem with the blender lid - Bebedelice has a voluntary recall on the blender lids. Check out Rose and Lily for the number to call for a free replacement lid.

Anonymous said...

I am concerned about this machine. I was very keen and ordered one but when it arrived I realised that the cooking jar is made of plastic containing bpa. The new model they sell in France is bpa free. Whilst there is ongoing research into the impact of bpa and no outright ban, other manufacturers of baby products don't use it anymore. I don't want to take the risk and question why they have a bpa-free model in France but are selling this old one in the UK. I think it's quite irresponsible and unethical.

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