Saturday, August 29, 2009

Updating your wardrobe

Now is that horrible time of year when all of the stores are featuring clothes for the wrong season. If you are in the northern hemisphere, fall/winter fashion has started to arrive despite summer's heat, and here in Oz, lovely and light spring/summer clothes are calling my name even though it feels like it is almost cold enough to start snowing! For some reason, this time of year always send me into fits of "I have nothing to wear" as I survey my closet full of the current season's clothes. Maybe I am bored after a long winter, I don't know, but it happens every year. The solution for me is to update my wardrobe with a few select pieces that can be transitioned from winter to summer with ease, letting me have my fill of the new, as well as energizing the old.

Last week, I bought two items from Witchery; a grey tencel pair of cropped tie leg pants that hint at the harem trend while still being wearable, and a navy and grey silk race back tank. Last night for my niece's birthday, I paired it with my grey blazer, black peep toe booties, and a statement necklace. I looked and felt current, as well as excited rather than bored, even though all the additional pieces were things I already had (the booties are nearly a decade old!). Come summer I can lose the jacket, and switch up the accessories, and I have a light weight summer outfit.

When updating your wardrobe, it is also important to make sure that the items you are buying can be worn with quite a few other things you already have, so that they don't become orphans. In this case, the silk top will add a luxe vibe to jeans or denim cut off shorts, while the pants will look great as a casual outfit with a graphic print tee or a white tank.

So when you get those catalogues in the mail or the email in your inbox, don't trash them, but look at them for inspiration so that you can refresh and update your wardrobe and get out of the fashion doldrums.

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