The essential white shirt: 3 ways

The white shirt often pops up on the lists of "must-have" wardrobe items, and while I not usually a believer of said lists, I actually agree with this one. A lot of SAHMs don't see the need for one, and it is usually relegated to "the wardrobe I had before I had kids". However, don't discount this wonderful piece! A white shirt really lights up your face, making you look more awake and fresh, and it is such a great neutral building block for some great looks.

Essential White Shirt
Essential White Shirt by chicmummy featuring Old Navy

Here I have taken a classic white shirt from Old Navy. For a real workhorse that will last, buy the best quality that you can afford, that can be washed and bleached when necessary. Choose a classic fitted style that won't date, and with no extra details (like ruffles, frills, etc) so that it will be the most versatile.

The first outfit is a dressier take on the white shirt outfit, perfect when you want to feel more confident and pulled together at the Parent Teacher Meeting. I love a knit skirt since it so comfy, while still being polished. A dark grey is more versatile than black, in my opinion. Top with a classic trench and a chocolate tote, and you have a classic, but somewhat boring outfit. Add in a chunky necklace in a bright pop of colour and some bootie style shoes, and the outfit is now chic and modern.

The second outfit is perfect for lunch with your girlfriends, or Sunday brunch with the family. The slightly distressed jeans and the black Converse sneakers are a wonderful contrast to the glam, rock chic earrings. I also like that the sneakers make a traditional white shirt and jeans combo more youthful.

The last outfit is perfect for running errands, going shopping, or even the school run. Like the last outfit it is a traditional chinos and white shirt outfit that everyone has seen a thousand times. But by adding in some chic accessories, you instantly go from boring and frumpy to chic and stylish. Simply picking a belt, some cute ballet flats and a large tote in similar, but not matchy matchy, tans is a great way of creating a put-together look. I would roll up the sleeves to show off a large hammered metal cuff.

So there you have the essential white shirt 3 ways. I am sure if you take a good look through your own wardrobe and accessories collection, you can find many, many more!

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