Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dinosaurs Alive! & the WA Museum

Today we took the kids to the WA Museum to see the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit. For those of you who live in Perth, you must take your kids to the Museum. I haven't been for years and the place is unrecognisable. There are great exhibits and a wonderful Discovery Centre geared at younger children. We spent a couple of hours there and had a wonderful time. I highly recommend that everyone with young children take the time to visit. Entrance to the museum is free with a $2 donation suggested. Open every day except Wednesdays and certain public holidays.

The reason we went, though, was not to see the museum (that just turned out to be a great bonus), but to see the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit. Both the kids loved it, although Stephen was a bit scared at times! I would have loved to get photos, but neither child was willing to go close enough to the dinos for a photo op. The exhibit features 7 robotic dinosaurs, including a T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and a Triceratops. They were very realistic (or so I assume!) and there is a lot of information for older children to read. Children under 4 are free, and adults are $17.

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