Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chic Sighting

I was at the supermarket the other night and saw a wonderful chic sighting that really inspired me. It was a very simple outfit, but it was the colour combination and the accessories that really made it pop. While it was a woman of a certain age (as they say!) that was wearing it, this outfit would be perfect for SAHMs as well. It is perfectly practical with its grey cotton trousers and grey tank but the bright yellow of the boyfriend cardigan and the trainers gave it real panache. The tan slouchy bag was a surprise element but I think it was the perfect choice.

What I think we can all learn from this outfit is that you can take simple basics (because, really, all the items in this outfit are pretty plain on their own) and really elevate your look by including a surprising touch, in this case the vibrant yellow colour.

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Kalee said...

This is fantastic! I love all shades of grey and lately yellow has been so appealing. And I even have a yellow cardigan!

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