Monday, April 19, 2010

5 Easy Toddler Chores

I think that it is really important to involve children in the running of the home so I like to involve Stephen and Irini in some of the easy chores suitable for toddlers. Since they are still very little, only 2 & 3, I can't expect too much, but there are a number of things that they do to help around the house, even if I have to redo part of it after they go to bed.

  1. Loading and emptying the washing machine - we have a front loader and one of Irini's favourite jobs is putting the sorted dirty laundry into the machine, and then pulling out the washed laundry into the basket for me to hang up or put in the dryer.

  2. Sweeping the floors - one of Stephen's jobs is to sweep our living room rug with the carpet sweeper. These do a great "in-between-vacuuming" job of picking up crumbs etc from the rug.

  3. Bringing dirty dishes to the kitchen - both are responsible for bringing their dirty plates and cups from the table to the sink in the kitchen.

  4. Putting their own rubbish in the bin - when they have finished their yoghurt or anything else that comes in disposable packaging (which is less and less), they have to put their own rubbish in the bin.

  5. Getting their own water - I know this is not a "chore" per se, but it is a great way to foster their independence. I have all our cups in a draw within their reach, and they know to get the plastic cups. I have a stool at or nearby the sink, and Stephen knows how to reach the water filter tap. Whenever he comes to me saying he is thirsty, I always direct him to go and get his own. He is also responsible for pouring a glass for Irini, since she can't reach yet.
None of these tasks really help me around the house, and sometimes they even slow me up, but I really think that having them involved in doing these 5 easy toddler chores now will ensure that as they get older they will see that every member of the family helps out in the running of our home.

What chores are your toddlers doing around the house?

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Veronika said...

Great post... may give me an idea for one myself ;)

My toddler (3) helps with the laundry & loves to sweep as well! He sometimes even makes a small mess so he can clean it up. ha!
My tot is very good at picking up his own trash too.
Pretty much the same thing you mentioned your kids do, mine does too! Glad mine aren't the only ones :)
Oh and he just recently started getting interested in helping make his bed! (yay!)

Chic Mummy said...

Hi Veronika. I just found your blog - your boys are soooo cute! Making the bed is the next step for my three year old now.

Anonymous said...

My 22-month old loves to help empty the dishwasher. He knows where the cooking utensils go and loves to take plates over the the cabinet so I can put them away. It is actually a real help!!

Veronika said...

Thank you... I am a new follower of your blog but I still have some catching up to do!

Ouidad Blog said...

These are great ideas for even the youngest children! "Making the bed" (even if it's just straightening their covers and getting their stuffed animals off the floor) is another good "starter" chore. Love your blog!
-Deb for Ouidad

Parenting and Baby said...

What a great idea for the kids to get involved in. Our colleague's toddler also helps her set table during meal time which she absolutely loves :)
Such activities or 'chores' will help kids feel more involved and will create a stronger bond in the family

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