Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Raw Milk

My next baby step on the Nourishing Traditions (NT) path was to start our household using raw milk. There is a lot of research out there (not just from NT) that suggests that a lot of important nutrients, beneficial bacteria and other "good" things are missing from our modern milk because of pasteurisation. NT really stresses

Now, in the past, I think pasteurisation was vitally important and more importantly saved potentially millions of lives - we did not have a well regulated sanitary dairy industry, and diseases such as brucellosis and tuberculosis were rife. Now, however, is a different story. Australia has been declared free of brucellosis (since 1989) and bovine TB (since 2002) as has Canada. Thus, there is no real risk of getting these illnesses from unpasteurised milk.

Despite this, it is illegal to sell raw milk for human consumption here in Australia. However, there are a number of producers who have circumvented this by selling their organic raw milk as "bath milk" for cosmetic purposes. You can find brands such as Cleopatra's Bath milk at local organic food stores, and this is what I was using until recently.

I have been happy with the Cleopatra's Bath Milk, produced from pasture fed jersey cows in Queensland, but really wanted to find a local source. Last week, I finally found Perth Organics who make local raw milk deliveries weekly. The milk comes in 5 litre plastic delivery containers, so it needs to be re bottled into easier to use containers. The pic at the top of the post is my beautiful milk re bottled into glass bottles. It is just wonderful to drink milk the old fashioned way - in glass bottles with the cream floating on top!

Do any of you drink raw milk? Do you think it makes you feel better?

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Chic Mummy! I am a fellow Perth girl who has also just started the Nourishing traditions way of life, I bought the book last month. Yesterday I started my own online diary about my adventures ( I've never blogged before so mine is VERY basic and also very new. I love your blog! I'm getting my first delivery of raw milk from Perth Organics next week and am very excited, I can't wait to begin experimenting! I look forward to reading how you go with your own transition.

Marsha Bennett said...

Hello! Just wondering if you still purchase Cleopatra's Bath Milk?
I admit I am hesitant to feed it to my 2 year old - I would never forgive myself if it made her ill!

Debra said...

Thank you for posting about the benefits of raw milk, Chic Mummy! If anyone is interested in locally produced "bath milk" made here in WA (not all the way from Queensland), we have weekly excess from our adorable house cow, Annabelle. Just send me a message: rubyslypprz at netscape dot net . I have some great cheese recipes plus instructions for pasteurising if you didn't want it raw.
Cheers, Debra in Perth

Margot M said...

Hi Sara, I know this is a relatively old post, but I am curious as to how you found the taste of the milk from Perth Organics. I think the Cleopatra's milk is absolutely delish, but have tried another brand from WA (which I don't want to mention as I wish them no ill will) which I found disgusting and a waste of $14 for 4 litres which literally went down the sink. Even making a white sauce from it with flavouring did not disguise the taste. I look forward to your feedback. Take care, Margot.

Sarah Vitsas said...

Hi Margot. I don't buy from Perth Organics anymore as I developed lactose intolerance and we just couldn't get through 5L a week! However, when we did drink it, it was delicious. like you, we had mixed results with local raw milk that I could get at organic stores. So, end result, we no longer drink raw milk. Instead, we (the kids) mostly drink Margaret Organic milk, which is pasteurised but not homogenised, or if that is unavailable Bannister Downs which is conventional milk, but from a Northcliffe family owned dairy. Both of these are generally available at Coles.

Depending on where you live, some IGAs stock Avon Valley and Sunnydale milks, both of which are non homogenised.

Hope this helps! Sarah

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