Sunday, May 23, 2010

Healthy Snacks To Go ebook

This new ebook from Kitchen Stewardship is getting plenty of positive buzz out in the Real Food/Nourishing Traditions blogosphere, and now that I have purchased and started using my own copy, I can certainly see why. This little ebook filled with over 45 recipes yummy AND healthy snacks that the whole family will love, including dozens of variations for something called Lara Bars. We don't have Lara bars here in Perth, so I don't know what they are meant to taste like, but the ones we made were absolutely delicious, and were wolfed up in seconds by the kids.
Other recipes include portable backpack/diaper bag friendly granola bars, cookies, muffins, fruit roll ups etc, as well as lunchbox friendly side dishes. What I really loved about this book was the variations for those following Nourishing Traditions such as using soaked grains and nuts. I've been making a lot of head way eating this way, but finding easy snacks (that the kids like) to replace processed snacks has still been a bit of a challenge, so this book has been a real lifesaver.
Go here to purchase this great little book!
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Cindy Rowland said...

I must be completely out of the loop because I had not seen or heard of this ebook until now. Thanks for the review!

Chic Mummy said...

Cindy, I've just discovered your site - what an amazing resource! Already trying out some of your snack ideas.

Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship said...

What a lovely surprise! Thank you for the kind words and recommendation. :) Katie

Emma said...

I purchased this e-book last week and made the granola bars on the weekend, the variation with cocoa and peanut butter. I added crispy cashews, sultanas and sprouted/dried sunflower seeds as my add-ins. They are delish! The kids love them and one bar fills them up for hours. The recipe made 24 good sized bars which is enough for recess for 4 weeks for my 3, very economical in comparison to the store bought variety.

Savanah@healthy snacks for kids said...

Healthy snacks are always helpful for growing our health. It's not only helps for developing our health bet also helps for growing health to our kids.So we must conscious about the healthy snacks.

Ethan Smith said...

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