Trail Mix Snack recipes

Earlier in the year I posted a recipe for a yummy trail mix that has been a real hit with the kids (and me!). While I have been mixing up that basic recipe a bit, I have also been taking the lazy route and making up some mixes that don't require baking in the oven. I don't have quantities of the ingredients, since I just add in and mix around until it looks yummy! For those of you about to go on your long school holiday, these are perfect for quickly making up, packing into little snack bags, and then taking with you on the road.

Apricot & Almond

Toasted granola mix (I have been using Carman's Classic Fruit Muesli)
Dried apricots, roughly chopped
Dry roasted almonds, roughly chopped

Berry Pretzel

Pretzel twists, broken into pieces
Craisins (dried, sweetened cranberries)
Dried cherries, chopped
Dried blueberries

Sweet Treat

Dry roasted almonds, roughly chopped
Mini M&M's
Dried pawpaw (papaya)

Banana Split

Pita Crisps, broken into pieces
Dried banana chips
Walnuts, roughly chopped
Mini choc chips

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