Thursday, July 15, 2010

Giveaway - Australian Style

As promised, here is my giveaway open to ALL my readers, wherever you are from! Despite the title of this book, the content in here is useful for everyone, and to be honest, is not particularly "Australian". The book covers how to be stylish, but in all its forms; the obvious fashion and personal style, is of course, covered, but so is decorating your home, how to have display flawless manners and etiquette (which the authors correctly distinguish between), and even how to buy the perfect presents for babies, adults and everyone in between.

I really enjoyed this book, and while a lot of the content can be found in other books, having it all in one place is quite useful and makes for an interesting read.

Get one entry for each of the following (leave a comment for each!). Ends Wednesday 21 July at 5pm Australian Western Standard Time.

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Juliana said...

think the main thing I do everyday that makes me feel stylish is maintenance.

For me that means making sure that throughout the day I take the little steps to be sure I stay as well-put-together as when I left the house in the morning. That means taking a little makeup bag to work and remembering to reapply fresh lipstick and lightly touch up foundation etc after a break. It means looking after my clothes - more hand washing and dry cleaning of items to keep them looking pristine. It's regular decluttering of my handbag, wardrobe, home etc. As my mother always says - "good taste can be taught, but maintenance is key".

Oh! And posture! I've yet to meet someone whom I consider stylish that has bad posture......


Juliana said...

I also just followed you on twitter......

-Soignee Girl

Rebecca said...

My jewelry and makeup carry my style right now! With my ever-changing body (4 pregnancies in the last 6 years) and need for washable clothes, I am keeping it simpler/cheaper for clothes and making my style statements with jewelry. And the makeup helps me feel polished.

Rebecca said...

And I subscribe via RSS!

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