Sunday, July 25, 2010

Winter School Run Uniform

This year has been the first year I have had to deal with getting ready for the school run, and I only need to do it twice a week. I think I have managed to be relatively stylish when dropping off Stephen at Kindy as are all the other mums at our kindy, but I have seen some real shockers on the drive there, including multiple mums dropping their kids off still dressed in their pajamas (the mums, that is). One thing i did to streamline our mornings was create a simple uniform for Stephen of a light blue tee shirt and a dark blue tracksuit. His kindy is free dress, but to create a good routine, I felt that him having a uniform would make like much easier, which it has.

It got me thinking that having a weekday uniform for mum's is not such a bad idea either. While I am not suggesting that you run out and buy a dark blue tracksuit for each day of the week, I think developing a signature style can really help out on those busy mornings.

  • having this "uniform" approach means you can get ready in a matter of minutes
  • you can mix and match easily, even when dressing in the dark
  • you can have fewer pieces, but more looks
  • accessories can quickly and easily jazz up the look

The perfect example of a great signature style that is perfect for the school drop off is Elle McPherson.

Her signature look is made up of a denim bottom (usually a skinny leg jean), a knit top, a blazer/jacket/cardigan, a large scarf, big sunnies, and ballet flats. All of those items mix and match easily, and she adds punches of colour and pattern through the shoes and scarves. It really wouldn't matter what pieces she grabbed in the morning, they would all go together.

Of course, you need to pick a style that suits you. Elle's style is a touch too preppy for me, and I prefer to wear heels, but if I added a few vintage touches, it would work. Is your style more elegant, more sporty, more urban hippy? Take your style and then develop a "uniform" that fits that style.

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