Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm Studying Herbalism!

Over the last decade or so I have become more and more interested in natural medicine as a first port of call for both preventative health and acute care. And while I have dabbled in mild remedies, for coughs and colds and the like (most of which I have posted here), I finally took the leap and have decided to study it in a more formal, in-depth way. What I was looking for was an introductory course that could be studied by correspondence but I just couldn't find one that seemed right. And then I came across The Vintage Remedies Family Herbalist course, and I knew it was perfect.

I found the course in a round-about way and I have to say, these moments of serendipity usually work out well for me! Keeper of the Home had written a book review of The Handbook of Vintage Remedies a while ago and I had bookmarked it with the view to buying it down the track. A few days ago I was madly searching for the review (I really need to organise my bookmarks!) and came across the website for Vintage Remedies School of Natural Health, the herbalism school founded by the author. I was just casually browsing, and then I came the outline of the Family Herbalist course. It is an 18 month course that covers your whole family from pregnancy, childhood and beyond. I can't wait to get started!

If you are interested in natural health but are not interested in formal study, than make sure you tune in to Keeper of the Home's blog over the month of October. For the whole of October Stephanie is running a Natural Home Remedies and Illness Prevention month. This post, in particular, has some great links to some wonderful home made remedies to get you started!

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