Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: Coles Online Click n Collect

I've noticed recently that my grocery bill has been getting larger and larger, and I can honestly say it is because of impulse buys and buying things my kids (and husband!) ask for while we are shopping. When I saw that my local Coles supermarket was now offering a free "Click and Collect" service, I though that it might help me save some money since I would have no choice but to stick to my list!

The service is pretty straightforward to use; you register, giving your postcode, and the site will let you know if you are eligible for a) home delivery (for a $8-$13 cost) or b) for click and connect (free). At this stage, Click and Connect is only available from 4 stores in WA, while their delivery service covers a much wider range. Once registered, you go shopping, as per most online grocery sites. With Coles, you can browse by aisle, or do as I do and use their express list option where you create a list either with generic names such as "milk" (which will bring up all their milk products) or with a more brand specific name such as "Bannister Downs Milk" which brings up just the specific brand I am looking for. You can put a number of items in this list and you just click through the various options. Lastly, all items you order will be placed in a master list, to make reordering easier.

I used Coles' Click and Collect method last week for the first time, and I was very happy with the service. I took me about half and hour to place my order (which is much shorter than what a regular in-store shop would take me!) but it would definitely take much less in future once your master list is set up (updated: tonight's order took just over 10 minutes). For Click and Collect, you can order up until midnight for collection between 9am and 4pm the following day, or up until 11am for delivery the same evening between 4pm and 9pm. When I went to pick up my order, everything was ready to go and they even loaded it into my boot for me.

Unfortunately, when I unpacked my groceries at home, I realised that I was missing 9 (of the same) items (I had ordered 12). However, I rang their customer service number, they apologised and asked me to hold while they made sure my local store had enough stock (I was also offered the option of a credit). I was on hold for just a few minutes before they came back on line and let me know that the items were ready to pick up at my convenience. When I went back to the store later that day, they were very apologetic, and even gave me a box of chocolates to apologise for the inconvenience. So even with the stuff-up, the follow-up service was excellent.

I do want to add that I did not order any fruit or veg (since we have a fruit and veg shop!) so I can't vouch for the quality you would get with these type of products, but I did order milk, juice and meat and all the products had plenty of time left before they would go out of date.  But overall, with the products I ordered, I was very impressed with this service and I think it will definitely become part of my regular routine. It is convenient and free, and I think it has the potential to not only save me a lot of time, but also a lot of money.

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PS: This is not a sponsored post, and I did not receive any compensation, etc for it.


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