Teacher's Gifts

It is the last week of school and I can't believe that day is here already. Stephen has finished his first year of formal schooling, and Irini will be starting hers next year. How did we get here so fast? It's a cliche, but it really did feel like just yesterday that they were both just little babies. But lets stop worrying about time flying; I have more pressing concerns, like teacher gifts!

This is the second year I've needed teacher gifts, and like last year, I wanted to make something home made. I found a great recipe for hot chocolate on a stick at GiversLog (which is a great resource for handmade gifts of all sorts) and adapted it to suit. Instead of putting it on a stick, I used some great Santa icecube molds, and I used a mix of milk and dark chocolate. After they set, I packed them into some cellophane in some Santa mugs. Tucked into some cute gift bags, and I had the eight (yes, you read that right!) gifts for Stephen and Irini's teachers, and all in less than half an hour's active work and for less than $4 each.


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