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I have been super slack taking pictures, and that coupled with a bout of illness and Stephen's birthday has resulted in this post showing a few pics taken over the last few weeks. But, overall, I have been pretty happy with these outfits. Summer is well and truly here, and that is making my outfit choices much harder - keep an eye out next week to see how I handled a week of plus 35 C (95F) temps.

These are in no particular order, mostly since I can't remember when each pic was taken!

This top is quite unusual for me, because I don't usually like blouson style tops. However, in person, I think this top camouflages my tummy quite nicely without making me look bigger all over like a lot of other blouson tops I have tried. It is a semi-sheer fabric with a subtle grey, black and white print. Paired with my regular Ann Taylor skinny jeans. No shoes! So I either stayed home all day (most likely) or I put on my fave Nine West flats later.

This dress is a recent buy from Leona Edminston's dedicated plus-sized range. I generally love the look of Leona Edminston dresses in her regular higher priced range (I've never bought any, even  though she often does up to size 18) but I have to admit that I have been disappointed in the plus-sized range. Most of the dresses I have tried have been very frumpy and dowdy and not at all flattering. But this dress, I adore! And it is not just me; whenever I wear it, I get an amazing amount of compliments.
I paired the dress with these two bangles, picked up a long time ago. The colours look absolutely perfect with the dress.
Another new dress, this time from Perri Cutten. It is also jersey, which makes it so easy to wear, and even easier to launder - oh, how I love clothes you don't have to iron.
This outfit felt better in real life than the pic, but they do say pictures don't lie, so I will think twice before wearing it again! Black ruffle top from Basque Woman, with Ann Taylor skinny jeans, and cage heels from Urban Soul.

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