Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

pleated poppy

This week had everything weather wise, from warm and sunny on Wednesday to full-on winter storms with weather bureau "wild-weather warnings" by Sunday and Monday.  It's nice to be able to bring out my cold-weather clothing from storage. Winter is definitely my favourite season for fashion!

Wednesday: I think today might have been the last of the warmer weather...autumn and winter may have finally arrived if the storm that hit late in the evening is anything to go by. But, I made the most of this last, balmy day!

Red print chiffon blouse: Old Navy
Trouser jeans: Ann Taylor
Grey suede heels: Ann Taylor
Stack of beaded onyx and coral bracelets: made by mum and me

Thursday: Today was one of my favourite types of days before I had kids - rainy and stormy and cold and windy. Love, love, loved it! Now that I have young children, the love has gone... 

Mauve cotton tunic: Flower
Mauve/grey wool/angora knitted vest: Flower
Skinny jeans: Ann Taylor
Black loafers: Louenhide

Friday: It is amazing how much more dressed up you look when you throw on a tailored jacket. The rest of the outfit is just basic jeans and a cardigan, but with the jacket, I had people ask me all day where I was off to (which was nowhere much!).

Black long jacket: Basque by Myer
Red cardigan: Coldwater Creek
Trouser jeans: Ann Taylor
Gunmetal python heels: Ann Taylor

Monday:  When you start pulling out the winter coats, you know that winter is well and truly here! I don't have a lot of camel coloured clothing, but camel and cognac has to be one of my favourite combinations. The only thing better than camel and cognac would be camel and winter white, but I don't think I will be wearing winter white pants anytime soon!

 Even without the coat, I still loved this outfit, but I think next time I will wear it with my trouser jeans rather than the skinnies.

Camel wool-cashmere coat - J Crew
Camel merino cowl neck knit - Ann Taylor
Tuxedo stripe skinny jeans - Ann Taylor
Cognac ballet flats - Lands End

Tuesday: Today I was meant to start a yoga course. I used to practice all the time, before kids, but a combination of laziness and lack of time put a stop to it, so I thought a refresher would be a good idea. However, after waiting (along with the 5 other women who had also signed up) for a good 40 minutes with no sign of the studio opening, I cut my losses, went for a hot chocolate, and then home to get changed for my afternoon meeting. I've emailed the studio for a refund (since no one was answering the phone) and now I need to find somewhere else to start another course. I hate it when I get motivated to do something good for me and then something out of my control derails me!

Thankfully, the afternoon went much better with the meeting going better than expected.

Black long jacket: Basque by Myer
Purple and white print blouse: Boden
Trouser jeans: Ann Taylor
Tan belt: Lands End
Grey suede heels: Ann Taylor

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Fuji said...

You look so nice in all your cooler weather clothes. I love Friday's outfit in particular and it's true a jacket really seems to make an outfit special. I don't even own a jacket like that so I had better think about acquiring one. I love the cardigan under the jacket. Do you just wear the cardigan buttoned up like a pullover sweater? It looks so nice.

You might want to try I always recommend them. They offer a free two week trial I think and it makes it very easy to practice yoga in your spare time. If you have any spare time!

Kim, USA said...

Wow these outfits are beautiful!

Nicole Feliciano said...

Long flowy tops are a great way to style your week. hanks so much for sharing on Monday Mingle.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That chiffon blouse is lovely!

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