Product Review: Palmolive Strawberry Smoother Body Butter Body Wash

 I received Palmolive Strawberry Smoother Body Butter Exfoliating Body Wash in my November bella box but then in the mayhem of Christmas/New Year/Back to School, stashed it away and only found it last week! The sample was a decent size, and lasted me quite a few washes, which was perfect for doing a thorough review.

According to the blurb that came with my sample box:

New season soirees call for frocks galore, which is why your skin should be ready to go on show whenever you need it to be.  This lush and creamy body wash provides long lasting moisture and is a great way to start the day. Be warned: you will be craving strawberry smoothies. luckily you can pick some delish fruit up along with your full sized wash at the supermarket! Too easy.

It certainly smelt like a fruity and fresh strawberry smoothie, and even kinda looked like one, with its seed flecked pale pink creamy texture. It was nice and creamy, and lathered nicely, but I found the exfoliating beads a bit redundant. The concentration of the beads is quite low, so while you could feel them as you washed, it didn't feel like it was giving any real form of exfoliation. And really, if the beads aren't going to exfoliate, and you're just using this as a body wash, then why do you need the beads at all? As for the claim of long lasting moisture, it didn't dry my skin out, but I still needed to use my regular body moisturiser after my shower.

So final verdict - as a body wash, it was fine and for those who like fruity fragrances would be a nice addition to your shopping basket, but as a body smoother/body exfoliator as it states on the label, it didn't do enough for me. Would I purchase it - probably not.

RRP: $6.49 400ml

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