Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

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Every now and then I receive emails (some nice, some not so nice) asking why I post photos of myself in WIWW, since I am not "fashion blogger material" or "skinny" or "a celebrity". To be perfectly honest, I mostly post these for me. Putting up photos to the WWW keeps me accountable to myself, to get up in the morning, pick a nice and polished outfit, and present myself nicely to the world. It is so easy as a mum to forget about ourselves, to put ourselves last. I am not saying that we need to go out there and be a style maven, I am certainly not one, but at least I can show myself, my children and the world that I value myself enough to put on a great outfit. I do hope that you can take some inspiration from my posts - my style might not be your style (and goodness knows, I change my style quite frequently!) - but maybe it encourages you to try something new.

This scarf was an impulse buy - the temperature suddenly dipped and I was suddenly freezing! - but though it was not a planned purchase, I carefully considered what was on offer to pick something that would go with my wardrobe as a whole, and not just this one outfit.

Black merino thermals: Target
Black waterfall cardigan: Morgan Marks

Slim cut jeans: Gap

Black and white scarf: Loop
Black suede ankle boots: Modern Vintage

I don't know why, but this outfit makes me think of elves in the Lord of the Rings, which was not my intent, but I'll run with it!!

Grey long sleeved tee: Gap
Teal wrap cardigan: Morgan Marks
Slim cut jeans: Gap

Green beaded necklace: Etsy
Brown boots: Dr Martens

This tunic is so comfy, it is like going out on pyjamas!! And I don't know what was going on with the weather, but my hair was super curly today - I wish my hair was like this everyday.

Navy tunic: Witchery
Slim cut jeans: Gap
Bone necklace: Witchery
Brown boots: Dr Martens

See you all next week!!

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Barbara said...

i think you look great! and i like your style, so phooey to whomever was not nice and said those things to you!

Kelsey Bang said...

cute outfits! love the first one with the scarf and the cute shoes!

Jenny Moyett said...

Love your cozy style. Have a great week!


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I especially love the last look! So cute!

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