Monday, September 2, 2013

Sunday Check in

Can you believe it is September already? Scary and unreal how fast this year is flying past!! Anyway, another week done and dusted on my weight loss journey, and with a loss of just under a kilo, I was quite happy. Especially since this week included four dinners and one lunch out at restaurants, and was super busy, so I only managed one session on the elliptical trainer. It did prove to me, though, that smart(er) choices when eating out, and being strict the rest of the time, can still mean a weight loss, even if it is not as high as I would like!

This coming week, while still crazy busy, doesn't have any functions planned, so at least I can really focus on following my eating plan.

Week ending 1/9/13

Today's weight: 97.5 kg
Last week's weight: 98.3 kg
Starting weight: 99.8 kg

This week's loss: 0.8kg
Weight Loss to date: 2.3 kg

Exercise: 1 days x 30 mins on elliptical

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Jitwadee said...

You are doing very well keep it up.

Tete A Tete said...

That's a lot of weight lost in a week! :)

I am also struggling to keep myself on the elliptical strider (or whatever you call it) for 30 mins. After the kids gone to bed... all I wanna do is lie down and watch DVD! :p

Last night I tried the Spartacus workout. It was GRRRREAT but I lasted only through 1 set... HAHAHAHA

I am very motivated to go into this again. Do you have any favourite workout routine? :)

Sarah Vitsas said...

Hi Tete A Tete

Right now I am just using the elliptical, but I have used quite a few of the 10 minute Solution DVDs - I especially like their fitball one. I also regularly use the Gaiam yoga videos - very good and easy to follow along at home.

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