Thursday, November 7, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Sleepwear Edition

I saw this cute cartoon the other day, and it really made me think how true this is for the majority of mums out there. Long gone are the days of sleeping only in Chanel no. 5, or in silky scraps of sexy lingerie. However, that doesn't mean that we need to abandon all sensuality, or indeed, sexuality. I have always made sure that I sleep in matching pyjamas, and not daggy old track pants, but even I have to admit that they haven't always been the most alluring. When my last two sets looked like they were coming towards the end of their life, I started putting money aside so I could invest in a few sets of comfortable but sensual sleepwear.

A couple of months ago, Soma Intimates had a sale, and I purchased these seven pieces (all of them are even more reduced now if you act fast!). While the pieces are from three separate collections, the colours all co-ordinate with each other (amethyst and rosette) and with the matching robe, giving me the most bang for my buck. I fell in love with these two colours - so feminine, but not in a frilly, frou frou way. I tend to sleep "hot" at night, so buying from Soma made sense, as their knit fabrics are designed to remain cool at night and to wick moisture away.

The pieces I bought were:

  • the robe in rosette, trimmed with amethyst lace
  • long sleeved button up top in rosette with amethyst print
  • amethyst cami trimmed in amethyst lace
  • amethyst tee trimmed in rosette lace
  • rosette long pants trimmed in amethyst lace
  • amethyst shorts
  • amethyst lace trimmed chemise

I tend to always feel hot at night, hence only one long sleeved top and one pair of long pants, but if you feel the heat differently, then swap in more long pieces. In the cooler weather (which feels like it disappeared a long time ago!) I would wear the long pants, with the long sleeved top over the top of the tee while I was up and about before bed, and then ditch the top when I went to bed, using it more as a cardigan/bed jacket. It was only on an ultra cold night that I would wear the long sleeved top to ed. Now that it is heading into summer, I am mostly wearing the cami and shorts or the chemise.

Buying this amount may look like a serious investment into clothing that only your husband and children will ever see, and it is, but I feel it is worth it. Why do we dress up only for others? We should dress up for ourselves and those we love just as much, if not more! And don't feel that you need to go out and buy it all at once or even all from one brand; if you pick an unusual colour like I did it is probably easier to do it this way, but if you pick a colour like black, you should be able to build up a co-ordinating and cohesive sleepwear wardrobe over time.

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Carmen V said...

Great post, you hit the point! (Can I say this? I don't know).
Yesterday I brought some black, red and grey lace to sew some underware for me.... You made me think I need some sexy pajamas too!
Carmen (from Italy)

Modi said...

I do agree ^^
At first, I thought I dress up when I go out just to please the public eyes but now I realize that I should wear better things to please people I love the most ^^

Sherry said...

You are so right about that! I am so guilty of looking not so fantastic at home. tank top and pajama bottoms. These are very lovely finds!

Kristin and Megan said...

I totally need to restock my sleepwear wardrobe!

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