Friday, February 14, 2014

Pure Glow Cleanse

I am very, very excited! Tomorrow I am starting a 3 day juice cleanse through Pure Glow Cleanse, a wonderful cold-pressed juice cleanse company started right here in Perth by two local girls! Why I am so excited? I think this is just the thing I need to re - kickstart my weightloss. I've hit a plateau, despite doing everything right, and I think 3 days of yummy sounding, clean and fresh juices is just what I need.

I did my own juice cleanse about a year ago, and it was ah-mazing! However, and it is big however, it was a huge (I am talking ginormously huge) amount of effort, and the volume of produce needed pretty much took over my entire kitchen. So, despite the great results (glowing skin, lots of energy, no more sugar cravings for ages after), I really just couldn't be bothered, and I was waiting anxiously for someone to open a juice cleanse business here in Perth so they could do all the work for me.

Thankfully, Annette and Jacqueline did just that, and I am now eagerly awaiting my juices. At $195 for the three days, it doesn't sound cheap, but when I added up what I spent on produce last time, not to mention the time and effort, it is definitely worth it. I spent a lot more than that when I did it myself. I decided to do the cleanse on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday, since I am planning to be home all weekend, and I really think it will be a great start to the week.

Since signing up, I have been cleaning up my diet to prep; as they say in their pre-cleanse tips, you don't head into a marathon without running around the block a few times. So, no more Coke Zero's (they really need to go, anyway!), no more coffee (I only have one a day), and no meat tomorrow.
With juices like Chai Vanilla Dream, Sunrise Elixir and Glowing Greens waiting for me on the horizon, I really can't wait to start, and to check in with you all over the weekend!

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PS: This is not a sponsored post, and I am paying for this juice cleanse myself.


Gam Kau said...

I've never done a juice fast before, are there a lot of calories in the mixes they sell? I fast once or twice a week, but pretty much don't eat anything on those days.

Sarah Vitsas said...

I'm not 100% sure on the calories, but most of the juices/smoothies are veggie based, so I'm guessing high nutrient low cal. Are you doing intermittent fasting? I've been interested in it, but chicken out at the thought of not eating/hardly eating for two days of the week!

Gam Kau said...

I guess I sort of do intermittent fasting. I stopped eating breakfast and pushed my mealtimes (lunch and dinner) between 12-7. On fast days I just skip either lunch or dinner and have a 24 hour stretch between meals. It's sounds more difficult than it is. If you move back your breakfast by an hour a day per month then eventually it combines with your lunch and then you have skipped a meal already and then if you slowly push back that meal then your eating window is smaller. I think it is very healthy to give your body a break from constant eating so that's why I started.

Gam Kau said...
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