GYPO Winter Challenge Capsule Wardrobe

Regular readers know that I am a big, big fan of capsule wardrobes. A tightly edited capsule of clothes not only saves you money, but saves you the time and stress of looking at a jammed pack closet of clothes only to sit there thinking "why don't I have anything to wear?"  Of course, you could put one together yourself, but a super easy and stylish way is to get a personal shopper to do it for you. Yep, in my fantasy universe that would be exactly what I would do, but in reality, I can't see that happening anytime soon!


Instead, I rely on Alison from Get Your Pretty On, who puts together capsule wardrobes for you each season as part of her style challenges. Alison does all the work for you, so you can wake up every morning knowing exactly what you're going to wear that day, walking into a closet full of mix and match on-trend pieces that you love!

I've been a member now for over a year, and the capsules each season just get better and better. I've had a sneak peak of the Winter Challenge, and it is just gorgeous!! Each season you get access to a list of your wardrobe basics (often including different options), combining classic items and on trend pieces. The list includes links to recommended items, and a printable PDF so you can take it shopping with you. Most importantly, Alison then gives you daily outfits for 21 days, showing you just how versatile the wardrobe is. Finally, you can take part in a vibrant private facebook group, where you can share your successes, hints and tips with other like-minded women!

If you are looking to jump start your style, then I highly recommend you head here and sign up ASAP! Registration opens today and the first outfit comes out on the 12th.


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