Kitchen Command Center

The kitchen is always a hot spot for clutter, assorted junk, and assorted papers, some of it important. So creating a Command Center is a wonderful way of corralling it all together and organising it so that things are easily accessible by everyone in the family. The pic above is my Command Center, which I have located on my kitchen bench. Within the Command Center, I've created separate areas with different functions; there is a cleaning supplies section to the left hand side, a calendar and stationery section in the middle, and a memo section to the right.

The memo section is a large magnetic board that has a roll of note paper, my menu planning pad and my shopping list. I also have various magnets with important phone numbers. The menu planning pad and shopping list are both important parts of keeping me organised easily. By planning out menus for the week, I save money by not buying groceries that go to waste, as well as minimising the need for takeouts. The shopping list next to it is also great; as I finish things, I can tick them straight off on the list. Again, this saves me from buying unnecessary items, or doubling up on items that I already have.

I only plan 5 meals during the week, and the plan is not set in stone. That way, we can still go out of we feel like it, or drop into my MIL's for a meal.

Next to my calendar is my cleaning caddy that holds brushes, rags and various natural cleaning supplies. I mostly use the all purpose cleaner, but I also have furniture spray, window spray and stainless steel spray in there for when its needed.Lastly, below the calendar is my stationery section. The green pot holds stamps, elastic bands and staples, while the cups hold scissors, pens, markers and screwdrivers. The little white dish is where I put my rings when I am cleaning or cooking, while the white rectangle dish holds a letter opener. I also have antibacterial gel and orange oil there as well.

This Kitchen Command Center has made a huge difference in the day to day running of our home. Things are easy to find, junk gets sorted into the bin straight away, and everything is finally organised!

PS: Off topic: Angie, could you please email me? I need your email to organise your Spell Quizzer license. Cheers!

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