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Yesterday I received a comment on my 10 Item wardrobe asking if the limited amount of clothes means that I end up wearing the same outfits over and over again. While it is true that I am wearing the same clothes repeatedly, I have to admit that it is the exact opposite regarding outfits. Before I cleaned out my wardrobe, I have to admit that I often wore the same outfits repeatedly - when there were so many overwhelming choices, the default often to grab a tried and true outfit. Now with far fewer choices, it is so much easier to be creative with my items and come up with something different. The key to it all working is definitely my extras and my accessories. By using these pieces wisely, it is very easy to totally change a basic building block of a jeans and a tee into many different outfits.

I thought I would show you all some examples using Elle Macpherson. She is the epitome of someone who has discovered her personal style, and is clearly wealthy enough to never need to wear repeats, and yet, you see her over and over using core classic pieces in new ways.

In the collage above, you see the same cable knit turtleneck, styled three completely different ways. n the first pic cropped pants, an elegant bag and killer heels combine with cropped skinnies for a sexy look that is probably a bit much for us mere mortals on the school run, but would be perfect for a lunch with the girls. Swapping out the heels for a pair of ankle boots, the cropped jeans for leather leggings, and adding in a puffer jacket and hat gives the same sweater a totally new look - still sexy, but more casual. Finally, a statement bag and a fur vest combine for a classic Elle haute hippie look.

These outfits featuring a white blazer are more my style! A quick change of jeans, top and accessories gives three completely different looks - my favourite is the last one, and this would be totally appropriate for me to do the school run in! I love that in the middle pic Elle has tucked the pocket flaps into the pocket - it totally changes the look of the jacket.

Similarly, these black tank outfits are definitely something I could see myself in, since they encompass a lot of my 10 item wardrobe pieces. I am in love with the simple black tank and white pant outfit, but the printed pants and the black on black ones are just as stylish.

What all of these outfits show, though, is how important accessories are. Whether it is a tangle of necklaces, a knotted scarf, killer shoes or a statement bag, those added touches take a simple outfit from plain to something with pizazz! What Elle also demonstrates is that you don't need to slavishly follow the latest trends; instead, wear what suits you and what you feel good in, and you may not look "fashionable" but you will certainly look stylish and chic.

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