My Summer 10 Item Wardrobe

Summer has well and truly arrived, even if it officially doesn't come for another month or so! This means that it is time to update my 10 item wardrobe for the warmer weather. But before discussing my summer 10 item wardrobe, how did my spring wardrobe work out for me?

It was a revelation! Not only did it make getting dressed so much easier in the morning, I always felt like I was well put together, since not only did almost everything go with everything else,  everything fit and was flattering as well. There were a few items that I didn't wear, such as the sweaters and the tunics, but that was because the weather has been unusually warm for this time of the year, not because they weren't good items.

Now onto summer! As I said, the majority of my spring items will carry on to summer. Obviously, most of the tunics and sweaters are going into storage - I will keep one tunic as a beach cover up - and will swap out my long white jeans for a cropped version. The two maxi dresses are out as well - I must have washed them incorrectly, since they are now a good 15cm shorter than they used to be. Both will now go into my at home, lounging around, doing house work  I am on the hunt for a couple more summer dresses (and I am haunting my favourite US online stores for the perfect ones on clearance), and I've ordered this one (pic above) from Boden. It seems perfect - a flattering shape, great colour for my wardrobe, and is able to be dressed up or down.  Best of all, I am down to 18 core items; I am not sure if I will ever get to ten, but regardless, a smaller wardrobe is still pretty great!

For summer, these are my 18 core items:

  1. white slim leg cropped jeans
  2. dark rinse slim cut jeans
  3. boyfriend jeans
  4. blue linen trousers
  5. black print knit track pants
  6. print denim pencil skirt
  7. navy and yellow floral print skirt
  8. navy striped ponte skirt
  9. navy jersey sleeveless dress
  10. navy chiffon short sleeved dress
  11. white, black and pink print cotton sleeveless dress
  12. grey and yellow print sleeveless silk blouse
  13. teal, navy and white sleeveless chiffon blouse
  14. orange and white cotton tunic
  15. Liberty print linen shirt 
  16. black linen knit sleeveless top
  17. navy linen knit sleeveless top
  18. taupe linen knit sleeveless top
 and my extras:

  1. navy linen blazer
  2. navy stripe ponte blazer
  3. natural linen blazer
  4. coral blazer
  5. seersucker jacket
  6. aqua knit jacket
  7. denim jacket
  8. navy waterfall merino cardigan
  9. navy short sleeved cotton cardigan
  10. coral cotton cardigan
  1. white, navy, coral, and teal plain scoop or v neck tees
  2. navy and white tanks
  3. navy and white stripe v neck tee
  4. navy, white and red striped tee
  5. coral floral print tank
  6. navy floral print tank

Summer 10 Item Wardrobe Outfits

Summer 10 Item Wardrobe Outfits by chicmummy featuring True Religion

This is an example of three outfits using my pieces, with my core item white cropped jeans as the base. These jeans can go from quite dressy and suitable for an evening out, through to school drop off and running errands.

Summer 10 Item Wardrobe Outfits

Summer 10 Item Wardrobe Outfits by chicmummy featuring blue jeans

Here are the same tops, with different bottoms and accessories, and as you can see, they take on a totally different feel. Paired with boyfriend jeans, the print chiffon top goes from dressy to casual, but still perfectly polished. With a ponte pencil skirt and a silver necklace, the navy tank takes the opposite route and goes from casual to dressy. Finally, the tee goes from weekday casual to weekend casual simply by adding blue jeans and sandals. With all of these three combos, a simple black leather tote will complete the outfit.

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PS: the items I've used in the polyvore collages are mostly not my exact items. The pieces that are exact ones are the CAbI print top, the black/white/aqua Witchery scarf, and the Pleated Poppy messenger bag (the person who started the whole WWIW thing in the first place!!)

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