Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review: NAN Pro Toddler Milk

I was recently sent a tin and some samples of NAN Pro Toddler milk to try out by The Soup. To be honest, I haven't used formula with Irini since she turned one and we switched to cow's milk. Despite all the advertised benefits, I have never really felt that an artificial baby milk was as good as regular old-fashioned cow's milk (especially now that we are using raw milk) so the minute we got the go-ahead from the child health nurse, regular milk it was.

However, since I was sent it for free, I decided to give it a try. The first thing I did was check out the ingredients. It was prominently labeled "no added sucrose", but I wanted to double-check that they weren't being shifty and putting in other forms of added sugar such as glucose syrup etc. Thankfully, there were no other forms of sugars added, nor any other nasties such as soy protein or colours. The only added flavour was natural vanilla.

I started giving it to Irini as a replacement for her usual milk on its own and in smoothies. She seemed to like it, but no more or less than her regular milk. Where I really found it useful was when we were out and about, since it meant I didn't have to bother with cool packs etc.

The NAN tin and ads tout its benefits: beneficial probiotic bacteria Bifidis BL, vitamins and minerals, all of which are great additions and make it a well rounded product. In my opinion, since Irini eats very well, she would be getting all of these from her regular diet, which includes raw milk and homemade raw milk yoghurt. So would I buy this for her? Bottom line, no. I would probably buy it if I was going away on holidays since I have to admit it was very convenient when out and about. If Irini was a picky eater, I would also probably consider it. But for a regular toddler with a relatively good diet, I would think you would be better off putting the $15 a tin towards your toddler's regular food instead.

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