Product Review: ResVitale Keratin Enhance

Last year I reviewed ResVitale's Resveratrol supplement, and I am still taking it since it seems to work so well, so I jumped at the chance when they offered me the chance to try their latest product, ResVitale Keratin Enhance. This product is aimed at improving the health and strength of your hair, skin and nails, via a patented form of keratin, combined with biotin and ResVitale's core product Resveratrol, the antioxidant from grapes.

Within a couple of weeks, I noticed that my nails were breaking less. This was especially true for my right middle finger nail which has constantly broken once it grows just past the nail bed ever since I slammed it in a door in high school! However, the real reason I really wanted to try this was the promise (backed by a clinical study) that within 90 days hair loss from washing would be reduced by 30%. Ever since I had my kids, my hair just will not stop falling out; I know you normally lose about 100 hairs a day, but I'm telling you, I lose a lot more than that. I need to vacuum the bathroom floor everyday (I am definitely getting dark floor tiles in my next house!) and I am constantly pulling clumps of hair out of the shower drain.

After I finished the first bottle (30 days) I have to say that I couldn't see much of a difference in my hair. However, since it was working on my nails, I decided to buy another couple of bottles, and see how the second and third months went. After two months, my hair looked a lot shinier (at the new growth part) and I could see some improvement in hair loss, but it honestly took almost the full three months for my hair to achieve a significant reduction in hair loss. I am not sure whether this is to do with the hair growth cycle or for some other reason, but regardless of why, I am just happy my hair has stopped falling out at such a dramatic rate. I am now on to my fourth bottle, and the amount of hair I am losing seems to have stabilised at my pre-pregnancy, "normal" rate.

Usually, I like to get my "supplements" through my diet as whole foods, rather than individual supplements, but in this case, I am happy to keep using Keratin Enhance since I don't eat a large amount of animal protein or bone broth (both good natural sources of keratin precursors). And while I can wholeheartedly say that it works, it is not a quick fix. You absolutely need to take it for at least two to three months to see the effects.Link

ResVitale Keratin Enhance is available from here on sale for $29.99 (usually $39.99) for one month's supply.

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Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post. I was sent an initial bottle to try, and then purchased the next two bottles myself. All opinions are my own.


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